Jun 26, 2010

Session with Kim

I was browsing my files when i saw kim's studio portrait. To my surprise i haven't uploaded it here yet. This was one of the series i've made with the newbies of TPC. It was actually my first studio portrait shoot way back september of 2009 held at camera cart. I remember enjoying the shoot at the studio with an abundant source of artificial lighting plus energetic and cheerful colleagues and models. I soo loved it. Here's the set. Thank you Kim!

Jun 24, 2010

Im back...

I’ve been out of this blog world for a while, now im trying to be back with a short update. Set aside photography for a while, since am expectant right now. I’m currently 16 weeks preggy with our first baby, and we are both excited about it. We saw him for the second time yesterday and hearing his heartbeat was just amazing…he’s been swimming inside my womb and was very active. Everything is going well with my first pregnancy, I do hope till he comes out on December everything will be all right by God’s grace.

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