Sep 26, 2011

Aria Unleashed

She came with her hair half - tied, since she was very conscious about it. She was shy and she doesn't know  what to do in front of the camera. We told her to relax and throw away shyness. Finally with few instructions, slowly she was able to compose herself in front of the camera.

As we move on, a fellow photographer suggested untying her hair, which she was not convinced at all. We tried to persuade her and eventually her hair was untied. We were surprise and we were fascinated by Aria’s curly and bulky hair. There you go, beauty behind the shy teenage girl with hair tied were unleashed. She’s lovely and really looks great in my view finder which thrilled me and my partner Cher.

This shoot was made for Getz Kit by Unique and Unison Enterprise. Credit goes to Getz Kit, Aria the model and KL Pinoy Photography Buffs.

Sep 24, 2011

Little one's Playtime

While his busy with his toys, i took advantage of the moment. This is one of zoe's routine on weekdays where only the two of us left at home. I had to call him by his name so he could face the camera before clicking the shutter. Here are his playtime moments at nine months old.



Sep 2, 2011

By the Window

Among his new skills recently is standing on his own with support. He loves doing it while in his crib where he can walk using the crib's frames as his guide. Aside from the crib, he love standing by our room's window perhaps to have a glimpse of the outside world.

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