Sep 26, 2011

Aria Unleashed

She came with her hair half - tied, since she was very conscious about it. She was shy and she doesn't know  what to do in front of the camera. We told her to relax and throw away shyness. Finally with few instructions, slowly she was able to compose herself in front of the camera.

As we move on, a fellow photographer suggested untying her hair, which she was not convinced at all. We tried to persuade her and eventually her hair was untied. We were surprise and we were fascinated by Aria’s curly and bulky hair. There you go, beauty behind the shy teenage girl with hair tied were unleashed. She’s lovely and really looks great in my view finder which thrilled me and my partner Cher.

This shoot was made for Getz Kit by Unique and Unison Enterprise. Credit goes to Getz Kit, Aria the model and KL Pinoy Photography Buffs.

Sep 24, 2011

Little one's Playtime

While his busy with his toys, i took advantage of the moment. This is one of zoe's routine on weekdays where only the two of us left at home. I had to call him by his name so he could face the camera before clicking the shutter. Here are his playtime moments at nine months old.



Sep 2, 2011

By the Window

Among his new skills recently is standing on his own with support. He loves doing it while in his crib where he can walk using the crib's frames as his guide. Aside from the crib, he love standing by our room's window perhaps to have a glimpse of the outside world.

Aug 25, 2011

I can see you!

Model: Heidi
MUA: Heidi
Stylist: Anthony Mendoza

She that has one eye is a princess among those that have none.

Aug 22, 2011

Angel Kate

Model: Kate Viray
MUA: Carey Moral
Stylist: Anthony Mendoza
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Another model facing the lens of almost 20 photographer was Kate Viray a pure blooded filipina who is based in Kuala Lumpur. This shots were taken during the KL Pinoy Photography Buff's conceptual photo shoot somewhere in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. As always, shooting with my 50mm 1.8 on stack and maximizing natural lighting in the absence of a flash gun.

Aug 17, 2011


Model: Heidi
Stylist: Anthony Mendoza
MUA: Heidi
Location: Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

I had to wake up early to catch up for this shoot and I’m glad I did. A photo shoot with fellow Filipino Photographers in Kuala Lumpur aka All Filipino Photography Group – Malaysia. Here’s a head shot of Heidi, a Chinese Malaysian Model stylized by our fellow photographer sir Anthony Mendoza. Shooting with 50mm-1.8 on stack maximizing the available natural light.

Aug 9, 2011

Zoe's Thumb Sucking Moment

I’m glad to be reunited with nikie. I miss shooting, so while baby sitting my eight months adorable boy, I took shots while he is roaming around the living area with his walker and was hoping to capture something to update this blog. And just before he through tantrum, I was able to capture this. Here's to me a come back shot from three months off shooting.

Jul 4, 2011


I actually never learn anything from talking. I learn more things when I do ask questions. Got questions? then raised it and learn.

Jun 22, 2011

Event Photography

Have you ever been into big event such us concerts or political events where by chance you’ve got you’re best dslr buddy onboard? Isn’t it nice and great to take photos during the event? It’s a great opportunity for every amateur and photography enthusiast especially to those who are aspiring on taking event photography seriously.

If you are not an official photographer in the event, you have to understand that crowd control is very common especially in big events. This is to maintain the peace and order during the event. So expect that you will not have a full access to the media corner so you have limited chances of getting the best picture. Media corner is usually separated from the general audience by a stanchion or a velvet rope or sometimes a barricades. In this case, it is best to have a telephoto lens with at least an aperture of 3 or for sharper picture go for 2.8 or 1.4 aperture. Telephoto lens will fill in the distance limit that you have during the event. However, it is best to understand first the capability of your telephoto lens before the actual shoot. Familiarise with all the function as well as your body so that you won’t mess up during the event and you don’t have to regret about it.

Good luck and Happy shooting guys!

Jun 19, 2011

The Veil: my first, my version

Months after attending Manny Librodo’s talk in Kuala Lumpur, finally I was able to generate something from what I have learned in that short inspirational talk.

This was an unplanned shoot. I was at my inlaws house when I saw that veil and thought of my husband niece andrene, will justify what I have in mind. And so, inspired by manny lib and the veil, from the balcony where there’s an adequate natural light, I took this shot. The shoot did not only satisfy me but have opened to a new discovery. I was really surprised when this little girl who is only five years old can clearly follow my instruction and knows how to project in front of camera. Making myself eager to shoot more of her. Hopefully.

May 16, 2011

Learning to Walk

We’ve been counting baby Z’s milestone for five months now. On his fourth month he learned to stand on his feet with support. He also learned to kick his legs and on his fifth month, he learned to take few steps. Thank God he’s got strong toes and knees. I know it’s too early, but we’ve been so eager to see him finally stand and walk in his own. There are several baby shoes waiting for his happy feet to fit in. Thank you very much to the generous sponsors; the god fathers and god mothers.

My goal is to see him walk before he turns one year old. I know most moms would love to see their special little one walk before he turn one year old. That’s why as early as fourth month, I continually encourage him to stand by holding him under his arms and let him take few steps. If you are doing the same, you need to be very careful not to strain his legs. A fifteen minutes session twice or thrice will help him develop strength in his legs. Perhaps, on the next few months we will be buying his walker to help him walk.

I am so glad with this latest development of our little one. Everyday I am looking forward of seeing new development. If you have a toddler, check out this safety walking tip video.

May 4, 2011

Baby Z: On his 5th Month

Today, our little one turned five months. I cook something for our little one’s small and simple celebration. He’s been doing so well for the past weeks, except for the colds and cough that he got for almost a week now. I took his fifth month portrait. Thanks to my sister and my cousins for helping me with the DIY studio set up. This is the second time that I am posting a portrait taken by a point and shot camera. My lovely nikie had a new master, actually his original master – my husband. For now, I’ll be using a point and shot camera until august of this year.

Apr 14, 2011

Tiny Hands

oh becareful little hands in what you do...
for the Father up above
is looking down on us
so becareful little hands what you do...

Apr 5, 2011

Blue Man

Sunday afternoon, when hubby and I passed by Bukit Bintang and found this Blue Man on the street of Bukit Bintang. Tourist flocked to take their pictures with this man and other colored men in gold and silver and receives a donations after picture taking.

Apr 1, 2011

Barely Naked

There’s no doubt about its performance and so much has been seen with its outer appearance. Here’s exposing from the inside out; The Nikon DSLR Body.

Mar 30, 2011

The Milk Chocolate Spoons

During our trip back to manila, I found this cool milk chocolate spoons at the duty free shop at the low cost carrier terminal in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a local product of Malaysia. Aside from the cool shape of these chocolates, I was so curious about it taste. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste them. I left it on the fridge until our last day in manila and eventually forget that I actually have them in the fridge. Anyways atleast I took a snap of it.

Feb 28, 2011

If I were A Butterfly

If I were a butterfly
I'd thank you Lord for giving me wings....
For you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile
You gave me Jesus and you made me your child
And I just thank you Father for making me,
For making me....

Feb 10, 2011

Your Mocha Carlo

Drooling for another slice. Had this during baby Z's 2nd month. And I thought of taking it's snap and finally it landed here. The mocah carlo from san terri bake shop.

Feb 5, 2011

Jan 27, 2011

Google Page Rank Updated

Recently, friends from Pinay Mommy Bloggers have been talking about their PR just after google have updated page ranks. I checked my blog's PR and I'm glad that PhotoCraft is now ranking number 2. After a year and a month, finally my blog is now PR2. Whilst I still have to work out other blogs of mine haveing NA rank. Google is updating PR every 3 months, you might want to check your blog's PR here.

Jan 13, 2011

Preserve those Memories

We are now on a digital age but some of us may still be using those film age cameras. Digital phase has brought us convenience in sharing pictures to your family and friends. No need for print outs, just plug in your camera to your computer and you can instantly view and share your photos. For those who are not into digital cameras, you can try photo scanning services for an easy way of picture sharing. It's also a best way of preserving your photos that will build memories of a life time.

A picture draws memories whether you are into digital or nondigital photos, that’s why it really pays preserving your photos. Have your pictures in a photobook. Online or hard copy photobook, the choice is yours, then you have your memories of a life time.

Jan 4, 2011

Baby Z's First Month

Here's my little one on his first monnth. Going strong and bigger at 4.30kg now.

Jan 3, 2011

DSP's Best Issue

I just grab my 2011 first copy of Digital SLR Photography mag, the fastest-growing photomag in Malaysia. This month’s issue have increased its pages but still maintaining its old price. According to the Editor Bon Lu Xanne, this months issue is so far DSP’s best issue. As we embrace the New Year, DSP’s reader will see many changes that will definitely enhance the photography skills of newbies, enthusiast, amateur and even professional photographers. Just grab your copy and check out those changes. Lol…

As a photography enthusiast, I have been learning a lot from this mag, and I know that there’s so much more to learn that will definitely take me to different part of photography which will surely enthral and amaze me.
Enjoy reading!

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