Oct 30, 2010

Photo Craft receives it’s First ever Award

Photo Craft got a One Lovely Blog Award from Liza of The Housemom Journey. This is my first ever award in the blogospher. Thank you soo much mommy Liza it was such an honor having this Award.

I'll also be passing this award to other Lovely Blogs, and I will be announcing my awardee soon.

Oct 28, 2010

At the Cross

At the cross I bow my knee
Where your blood was shed for me
There's no greater love than this

You have overcome the grave
Glory fills the highes place
What can separate me now

Oct 26, 2010

A Day in Singapore

Had a chance to visit Singapore again when my family went to KL for a vacation. Singapore is only 5 hours drive from KL, so a visit to KL will not be complete without a side trip to Singapore. I was actually planning to have a night long exposure shoot of the skyline, but I wasn’t able to bring along my tripod. So instead of a long exposure, here’s a snap shot during the day. The sun was actually hiding and it was an advantage shooting at around 1pm.

Oct 23, 2010

Pre-Nup: Gerald & Lucky

Architect-Photographer Edu Cortez of Extreme Details Photography, who happens to be a colleague and a former college mate, had his client’s pre-nuptial session here in KL early this month. I was able to catched his scheduled pre-nup here in KL thru Facebook and I would like to thank edu & mherl as well as the couple Gerald and Lucky for allowing me to shoot them at The Golden Palm Tree Resorts & Spa located at Sepang Gold Coast.

Though, slightly hesitant to shoot, I manage to capture a few, of the couple’s treasured moments. This was my first attempt of shooting on-site pre-nup with only my reliable nikie, the kitlens and my 50mm1.8 on board. I was having trouble with my auto focus during the shoot, that’s why it turned out almost half of the shots I took was blurred grrrr…

The bride, Lucky was fervent and was comfy in front of camera, while I find Gerald a little timid but cognisant. The couple was accommodating, they were actually a total stranger to me, but they were gallant to me and my hubby when we were introduced.

Having had the chance shooting with edu, was indeed an enormous opportunity for me to learn more about photography. I was mesmerized by his works and the product of his fish eye lens. Edu is currently one of those numerous rising professional photographers in the Philippines who had plastered his name in the walls of wedding photography and is shooting couple for a living.

It was indeed a privilege and an immense experience shooting with edu and the couple.
Thank you guys!

Oct 20, 2010

The Pink Ribbon Challenge

pink ribbon

October is breast cancer awareness month. As a health care worker, I see and dealt a lot of patients even friends going through the battle of breast cancer. This month I would like to join the pink ribbon challenge. Just click the pink ribbon to help one woman save life by getting free mammogram. If you may join with me and pass the pink ribbon challenge. These links are ONLY for "Pink Ribbon Challenge" participants, any links not related to the Pink Ribbon Challenge will be deleted. Grab the code at Things We Share and post it in your blog entry. Please post only the Pink Ribbon Challenge actual post link here and help The Breast Cancer Site and National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. by spreading the Pink Ribbon Challenge.


Oct 6, 2010

The Golden Palm Tree Resort and Spa

The Golden Palm Tree Resort and Spa is a five star water villa hotel located at Sepang Gold Coast which is destined to become one of south east asia’s top tourist destination. One hour and 15 minutes drive from kuala lumpur and 30 minutes drive from putrajaya.

This Polynesian-Maldivian inspired resort hotel with a touch of tropical Malaysian finishing which blends harmonious to the typical local identity is composed of 607 villas with four distinctive types. The travelers palm which is a studio type villa, the Canary Palm a 2 bedroom villa, the Ivory Palm a 3 bedroom villa and the largest is the Royal Palm a 3 bedroom villa with an unobstructed, dramatic view of the Straits of Malacca.

It’s a haven place and a nice weekend gateaway close to the city. I thank Lucky & Gerald, Edu & Mherl for inviting us here.

Oct 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Bhe!

It’s my hubby’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Bhe! I thank God for having you in my life. Thank you for everything. I know, in God’s perfect time; He will grant all the desire of your heart, just continue believing and living for Him all the days of your life. Continue to be a blessing to people around you. God Bless and Bless God more! I love You!

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