Sep 25, 2010

Thinking about Wedding Photography

This few months, I have been chasing a lot of wedding photography blogs and website and found myself falling inlove in wedding photography. I’ve been hooked in browsing wedding pictures from this websites Metrophoto and StephTan which serves as inspiration to me. The dramatic pictures, the faces and expression and every stories that pictures tells about wedding captured my inner being which eventually strengthen my interest contemplating to do wedding photography in the future.

Early stage in this so called hobby, I’ve been in a wedding of hubby's friend twice with my nikki, not as a photographer but as a guest. Those were the times that I was still shy and hesitant to take pictures on such occassion. Looking back to the memories I’ve captured, I have decided to do a PP on few pictures that I have selected just to slake the interest and for my own satisfaction. I’ve been looking forward of capturing wedding memories in the future and I hope wedding bells are up for several friends and relative for the next coming years.

Here are few portraits I did, during Pearl &Tony’s wedding last August 2009, and Marianne & Jenesis’s wedding last September 2009.

Sep 16, 2010

Ms.Weng: UnderExpose

Chasing the light but still on a tight budget. So while trying to learn, I did my first DIY portrait lighting experiment last night. I used one 11 watts lampshade and a gray umbrella as a diffuser and placed it on the side of the model. Though still struggling and the lighting was not good enough, I hope I did a satisfactorily job for this project.

Thank you to my model, who is always ready to pose everytime I ask her to do so. Im actually taking advantage of her stay here in KL. Constructive critism is welcome.

Sep 13, 2010

Maternity Portrait

It’s my 27th week of pregnancy. It’s been a long journey and we’re starting to get impatient for the big day. Almost 3 months before he comes out, but looks like its still a long wait, we want to see you baby very soon. To quench the day, Hubby and I decided to have our first picture together showing my bump. Hubby has been very supportive through out this whole thing and he also enjoys baby’s kicks every night. Having no one to take our portrait, we have no choice but to trust our tripod and the camera's timer for this project. After a several clicks and catching the right place for the right framing, finally we have this end product. I have converted it to high key black and white to add the drama on the picture.

Sep 11, 2010

Colour Trend

1/1"exposure time, f8 @ 34mm focal length
.625"exposure time, f10 @ 28mm focal length

One weekend night, got myself busy experimenting with colours. A DIY softbox, a lampshade and a flower base as my subject. It was my first try shooting with a diy softbox and lighting. I just did a slight adjustment on curves to make the colors really pop up.

Sep 10, 2010

Ms. Weng

Out of boredom, introducing my new discovered model, Ms. Weng.

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