Aug 31, 2010

Joy Ride to Malacca

An unplanned trip to Kuala Lumpur’s 3rd smallest and historical state Malacca. 148 km south of Kuala Lumpur, and 245 km north of Singapore where traces of Dutch and Portuguese heritage were remarkable which was inscribe in the world heritage list.
I wish I had more pictures to showcase but with only 3 hours stay at Malacca we did nothing but sight seeing while setting inside the car. I must be very keen in shooting next time I went to an unplanned trip like these, especially if your not there for a photo opt nor as a tourist. Thank you very much Pst.J and Kuya Rex's family for inviting us. There are more to see and I’ll be back Malacca.


Aug 28, 2010


Abandoned red submarine found at our neighbourhood swimming pool.

Aug 21, 2010

Water Colour Drops

Inspired by an article with almost the same concept, I tried to experiment on this piece I have been longing to do for quite sometimes. I filled up the champagne glass with water, and mixed the water colour which was slowly dropped to the glass. With my usual set up at home, utilizing the natural lighting available, I tried to capture every drop send by mr.z. Though, I didn’t get exactly the picture I wanted for this set, I think this first try wasn’t bad at all. Pictures were taken at 1/320”exposure time, f5 at 30mm focal length plus a slight adjustment on levels and saturation to make the colour really pop up.

Aug 14, 2010

The Yellow Floret

1/250", f5.6 @ 50mm focal length, manual exposure

This morning while having my Saturday swimming routine, I spotted this yellow flower over the landscapes beside the pool. I don’t know its name some of you might know it; I just thought this might be a good subject. As I was contemplating of shooting the flower, I still have to go up to o

Aug 7, 2010

Photo Craft is Joining BC Bloggers...Come join us...

I have been planning of joining this community months ago and finally I have submitted the application form. If you want to gain inbound links in an easy and systematics way join BC Bloggers. It will not only help you get that precious inbound links but it will also help you find new friends in blogosphere. 

Aug 2, 2010

tofee thoughts...

I was tickled by its name. I was actually looking for a slice of a blackforest cake when I noticed this piece. A romance cream cheese cake. A sweet piece to enjoy on a romantic date. Whoooh….that’s only me…

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