Jan 27, 2011

Google Page Rank Updated

Recently, friends from Pinay Mommy Bloggers have been talking about their PR just after google have updated page ranks. I checked my blog's PR and I'm glad that PhotoCraft is now ranking number 2. After a year and a month, finally my blog is now PR2. Whilst I still have to work out other blogs of mine haveing NA rank. Google is updating PR every 3 months, you might want to check your blog's PR here.

Jan 13, 2011

Preserve those Memories

We are now on a digital age but some of us may still be using those film age cameras. Digital phase has brought us convenience in sharing pictures to your family and friends. No need for print outs, just plug in your camera to your computer and you can instantly view and share your photos. For those who are not into digital cameras, you can try photo scanning services for an easy way of picture sharing. It's also a best way of preserving your photos that will build memories of a life time.

A picture draws memories whether you are into digital or nondigital photos, that’s why it really pays preserving your photos. Have your pictures in a photobook. Online or hard copy photobook, the choice is yours, then you have your memories of a life time.

Jan 4, 2011

Baby Z's First Month

Here's my little one on his first monnth. Going strong and bigger at 4.30kg now.

Jan 3, 2011

DSP's Best Issue

I just grab my 2011 first copy of Digital SLR Photography mag, the fastest-growing photomag in Malaysia. This month’s issue have increased its pages but still maintaining its old price. According to the Editor Bon Lu Xanne, this months issue is so far DSP’s best issue. As we embrace the New Year, DSP’s reader will see many changes that will definitely enhance the photography skills of newbies, enthusiast, amateur and even professional photographers. Just grab your copy and check out those changes. Lol…

As a photography enthusiast, I have been learning a lot from this mag, and I know that there’s so much more to learn that will definitely take me to different part of photography which will surely enthral and amaze me.
Enjoy reading!

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