Jan 30, 2010

All good things come to him who waits

All things will come along in God's perfect time. It's not too soon, it's not too late it's just in time. Patiently waiting for something is a hard fact. It's a test of patience and faith. How long? How far? Should I endure? Should I give up? Yet your reward lies ahead...The reason why God puts us in a hanging situation is to test us. And the out come of the test lies on how we face those situation. It maybe a crown of life or a thorn of life.

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Carol Lynn said...

We have a blessed hope, and this HOPE does not disappoint us. We have a confident expectation that truly Greaaaattt and good things happen to those who trust God and believe in His word..
And because we are children of God, we can expect that He will what He had promised...:D

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