Mar 14, 2010

Cooking delight

Last Sunday night, the hubby and I had a cooking bonding. As a rookie in the marriage realm, we’ve been on a quest of discovering and experimenting new menu on the list. Last night, we decided to cook some food we usually eat at restaurant. Were both not good in cooking since it was not really an event for us while we were single, but hey, we manage to eat what was done by ourselves. His menu was a copycat yellow mee “Filipino style” that we normally eat during snack at a nearby restaurant at the office. While I managed to cook some sort of a copycat menu too; a seafood – vegetable mix, I don’t know how to call it; I just remember eating it somewhere. Though it was not a classy and lavish menu, we’d really enjoy the food, and most especially the bonding time together. I hope we could find time to do this once again.

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