Nov 9, 2010

A good find: A Fancy Desire

As I draw closer to the big day, I’ve got no time for a photo shoot. So while running short of pictures to blog, I dig on my hard disk and found old pictures that caught my interest. This picture was actually taken two years ago by my friend-colleague Raquel who is also a photography enthusiast and was actually one among those many friends who influenced us to venture on photography. Those were the times when photography was still out of my interest. Taken at Mercato in Dubai, I sat down, and practice my post processing skills and produce something in order to avoid my blog being on a discreet mode. Oh by the way, the model is also a photography enthusiast, introducing my friend-colleague tintin.


Nortehanon said...

Nice PP, reminded me of cross processing we did manually back in college na sa ngayon ay nakalimutan ko na paano gawin hehehe.

I've read your comment at my blog and you said you are missing Samar. Have you been there? Which part?

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Awwww...nice photo. ^_^

Nayel said...

I thought that's you on the picture. hehehe. :3


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