May 16, 2011

Learning to Walk

We’ve been counting baby Z’s milestone for five months now. On his fourth month he learned to stand on his feet with support. He also learned to kick his legs and on his fifth month, he learned to take few steps. Thank God he’s got strong toes and knees. I know it’s too early, but we’ve been so eager to see him finally stand and walk in his own. There are several baby shoes waiting for his happy feet to fit in. Thank you very much to the generous sponsors; the god fathers and god mothers.

My goal is to see him walk before he turns one year old. I know most moms would love to see their special little one walk before he turn one year old. That’s why as early as fourth month, I continually encourage him to stand by holding him under his arms and let him take few steps. If you are doing the same, you need to be very careful not to strain his legs. A fifteen minutes session twice or thrice will help him develop strength in his legs. Perhaps, on the next few months we will be buying his walker to help him walk.

I am so glad with this latest development of our little one. Everyday I am looking forward of seeing new development. If you have a toddler, check out this safety walking tip video.

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