Jun 22, 2011

Event Photography

Have you ever been into big event such us concerts or political events where by chance you’ve got you’re best dslr buddy onboard? Isn’t it nice and great to take photos during the event? It’s a great opportunity for every amateur and photography enthusiast especially to those who are aspiring on taking event photography seriously.

If you are not an official photographer in the event, you have to understand that crowd control is very common especially in big events. This is to maintain the peace and order during the event. So expect that you will not have a full access to the media corner so you have limited chances of getting the best picture. Media corner is usually separated from the general audience by a stanchion or a velvet rope or sometimes a barricades. In this case, it is best to have a telephoto lens with at least an aperture of 3 or for sharper picture go for 2.8 or 1.4 aperture. Telephoto lens will fill in the distance limit that you have during the event. However, it is best to understand first the capability of your telephoto lens before the actual shoot. Familiarise with all the function as well as your body so that you won’t mess up during the event and you don’t have to regret about it.

Good luck and Happy shooting guys!

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