Dec 8, 2009

December 08 2009: Welcome Aboard!

It’s my day 1 here @, decided to have this account exclusively for my pursuit of photography. I do hope I could make my best at this blog since im having a hard time maintaining a real active one.

I’m on my 8th months of pursuing self study photography. It started when my hubby showed his interest in photography and finally gets his entry level dslr. Along the way, I found my self hooked in photography and grabbing my hubby's dslr almost everyday for a self study session along with the manual, my lapytopy and my reliable net connection. Eventually it was me who fall in love with photography. For 8th months now, I’ve been exposed to several photoshoot with a group or by myself trying to improve my photography. With this blog in mind, i do hope to see my journey in this field: from a novice photographer to a hopefully professional photographer.
Looking forward of a good input here.

Welcome aboard!

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