Dec 14, 2009

December 12-13 2009: The mystical cove - Anawangin

Finally we’ve been to Anawangin, it was a post wedding anniversary celebration. I’ve been planning to go there since april of this year and finally, before the year ends, it was granted. My sister persuaded me to go with us with this trip.

We arrived at San Antonio Zambales 2:30 am, a 3 hours drive from manila. It was too early we were expecting to arrived around 4:00 am. We were waiting for the market to open, before heading to pundaquit for the boat ride to anawangin. We stayed outside the police headquarters. It was cold outside, the reason why I had colds through out the trip.

Around 6:00 am we were already at brgy. pundaquit waiting for our boat ride to anawangin. Pundaquit is 20-30 minutes trike from San Antonio. The water was calm, and the weather was fine. Finally around 7:00 am we had our first step at the mystical cove of anawangin. We were fascinated by its natural beauty. A pristine cove with an off white beach front line up with pine trees. Pine trees? Yes. How did they end up there?

There were almost 10 groups when we arrived and a few more on the other side. During the day there were still a lot of campers coming in but it was not that crowded.

We started our day, by setting up our tent. Right after the tent was up, was finally our time to enjoy the place. Picture…picture..picture.

Take a short trek to the mountain and you will see its breathtaking view from the top. The 200 pesos fee for the guide and scary climb was worthy. It was a 15 minutes trek up there.
Beyond the pine trees is a lake that meets the see on the left side.

Enjoyed the crystal clear water, we’ve noticed that while where swimming you can see the fishes around you. While swimming, remind yourself to take a bunch of care. Anawangin cove have several drowning incident, don’t swim on the left side of the beach they have identified it as a danger zone.

During the night, the place was lit up by bonfires by the campers. There is no electricity in the place, its back to basic; there is only toilet, a dressing room and a puso. You can also hear the wind breeze as if there’s a storm coming.
The next day, for the second time around, since we loved the view from the top, we took the short trek again this time without a guide. We stayed there for about 30 minutes, just enjoying the peaceful place and the breathtaking view away from the crowd.

9:00 am when we left anawangin and head to the nearby capones island. It was a 20 minutes boat ride from anawangin. When we left anawangin, the water was very calm, but as we get closer to capones island, the boat ride was becoming rough which scared us thanks god we arrived safely.
It’s a rocky island with moderate waves. Another breathtaking views here, especially if you reach the top of the light house. We didn’t stay longer here, we just took our picture then head to pundaquit, along the way was a strong wind and moderate waves even the boatmen was surprise with the strong wind, thanks god we arrived safely.

This is really a nice place. A heaven, a paradise whatever you describe it bottom line is it’s really a very nice place. I just hope that, as we enjoy its beauty, let as all be a good steward of God’s workmanship. Let us keep anawangin clean and green. Please do not left anything but footsteps.


Eoz said...

nice set!

Tom said...

Very beautiful place. i think we have a lot of these in the Philippines just waiting to be discovered.

Long live, Philippines!

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