Sep 16, 2010

Ms.Weng: UnderExpose

Chasing the light but still on a tight budget. So while trying to learn, I did my first DIY portrait lighting experiment last night. I used one 11 watts lampshade and a gray umbrella as a diffuser and placed it on the side of the model. Though still struggling and the lighting was not good enough, I hope I did a satisfactorily job for this project.

Thank you to my model, who is always ready to pose everytime I ask her to do so. Im actually taking advantage of her stay here in KL. Constructive critism is welcome.


Anonymous said...

Had my fare share of doing things with DIY stuffs, it was hard, but fun and challenging at the same time, the situation will push your creativity - so keep doing it. I'm sure(base from experience) that you'll learn a lot.

As for my advice, since you have the lightin already set, try to make her pose in different ways in relation to the lighting, or try to move the light if you can. The point is to change the lighting's position and see which lighting effect works :D

- etsu

poorprince said...

nice shot
I love photos
the more dramatical the better

bev said...

thanks etsu and poor prince...

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